Intralipid Infusions Boost IVF Success Rates

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a widely used medical procedure for couples seeking to conceive, resulting in millions of babies born annually. It’s a data-driven field with treatments available for various fertility issues. IVF costs vary depending on techniques and location, often leaving couples with a significant financial burden due to limited insurance coverage. With success rates around 50%, IVF can bring economic and emotional strain, emphasizing the need to maximize success per cycle. Intralipid was originally developed for intravenous nutrition but has shown promise in assisting women undergoing IVF, as we’ll explore further in this blog.

Uses Of Intralipid Infusions

Intralipids are typically given 1-4 days before procedures like IVF retrieval, IUI, or embryo transfer. The administration continues weekly until around 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. This IV drip aims to keep natural killer cells deactivated during the crucial early stages of pregnancy, allowing the pregnancy to override signals from the immune system. The main use of Intralipid infusions is for women struggling with getting pregnant. If you are looking for solutions to get pregnant, consider Intalipid Infusions.

What Are Intralipid IV Infusions?

Intralipids are synthetic compounds composed of 1.2% egg yolk phospholipids, 10% soybean oil, 2.25% glycerin, and water. These emulsions are commonly used in medical settings to assist with various fertility issues. The purpose of Intralipids in these contexts is to keep natural killer cells deactivated during early pregnancy stages, allowing the pregnancy to proceed without interference from the immune system.

How Long Does Intralipid Infusions Take?

The intralipid specialty infusion treatment lasts about an hour, and you’ll be resting during it. The IV drip doesn’t hurt, but you might feel a small pinch when the needle is put in your arm. If it’s your first time getting the infusion, it might take a bit longer to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction. You’ll need to stay at the clinic for around 2-3 hours. From what we’ve seen in our clinic, lots of women who’ve had intralipid infusions during IVF treatment, along with other supplements, have gone on to have full-term pregnancies. If you have high levels of natural killer cells or have had many failed IVF attempts or miscarriages, intralipid infusions might be part of your treatment plan.

Visit The IV Garden In Greater Boston For Intralipid IV Infusions

Do you live in the Greater Boston area or anywhere in New England and are looking for a boost in your fertility journey? Visit The IV Garden, located right in the heart of Lexington, MA. Our skilled nurses will take amazing care of you while you get your intralipid infusion. To see if you are eligible for Intalipids, give us a call at 781-652-0076 or fill out our contact form.

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