Iron Infusions

What Is Iron IV Therapy?

Our certified nurses will administer the IV Iron therapy with our iron infusion blend. Inadequate iron levels in the body result in insufficient red blood cell production, leading to various issues, including diminished immune function, chronic inflammatory conditions, fatigue, and more. Iron IV therapy proves effective in alleviating symptoms associated with iron deficiency, contributing to an enhanced overall sense of well-being. Our skilled nurses will make sure you are a candidate for iron IV therapy. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Iron IV Infusions Pricing

  • 100mg $280
  • 200mg $380

Discover the Benefits of Iron IV Therapy In Boston, MA

An iron IV infusion is an intravenous iron replacement therapy. It delivers iron directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, and is known for its rapid absorption, helping to replenish iron levels efficiently. The team at The IV Garden will guide you and make sure you are comfortable, the treatment typically takes about 60-90 minutes.

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Benefits of Iron IV Therapy In Lexington, MA

1-3 infusions are required to boost blood iron levels. Low iron can play a role in feeling fatigued, weak, headaches, brittle nails, and feeling cold; iron infusions can improve these symptoms. Iron infusions work faster than pills, and are more convenient for those who do not like taking multiple large iron pills each day.Intravenous iron treatments can address low blood iron levels, potentially improving:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Pale skin

Iron Infusions At The IV Garden

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Health Check & Lab Test

Talk to your doctor or walk into any Quest near you for lab testing. 


Phone Consultation

Our nurses will set a time with you to go over your lab results and see if you’re a candidate.

Iron IV Treatment

Our skilled RN will give your your iron IV infusion in our relaxing space.

Iron IV Infusions In Greater Boston

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Iron Infusion Treatment In Lexington, MA

A doctor can conduct a series of blood tests to assess an individual’s iron levels and identify potential deficiencies. Beyond merely detecting low iron levels, these tests also ascertain the types of iron present in the blood to confirm whether iron deficiency is indeed the cause of any observed anemia. When diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia, characterized by low iron levels, individuals may receive an iron infusion if traditional methods like iron supplements or dietary adjustments prove insufficient or too gradual in restoring iron levels. Certain individuals, such as those with inflammatory bowel disease, may find oral iron supplements unsuitable, thus potentially benefiting from iron infusions as an alternative treatment option.

Why Would I Need An Iron Infusion?

If you have labs that have been done through your doctor or through us here at IV Garden, we would need to see that you have an iron deficiency. Our patients want to get these infusions if they are looking to boost their iron levels quickly (pills can take a long time), they have surgery coming up, and their surgery might be canceled if they don’t get their iron up, they do not like taking the giant iron pills. This is a specialty infusion, so current bloodwork is required before.

Before getting an IV Infusion, you will need a phone or telehealth consult.

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Book An Iron Infusion At The IV Garden In Boston, MA

Please consult with your doctor before booking an iron IV drip with us. Iron infusions are typically prescribed by doctors to treat iron deficiency anemia. Experience a new wave of hydration at The IV Garden. Book a consultation by calling us at 781-652-0076.

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