Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Is Medical Weight Loss Right For You?

Semaglutide is the first of its kind to reduce hunger and food cravings. It slows your stomach emptying, so you feel full faster, and feel full longer. It also promotes the production of insulin to lower blood sugar. The semaglutide injection is an FDA-approved method used for weight loss. Schedule a consultation with our Nurse practitioner to find out if semaglutide is right for you!

Semaglutide Injections Pricing

  • Per Injection $75

How Do Semaglutide Treatments Work?

Managing appetite plays a crucial role in weight loss, and semaglutide treatments aim to tackle this challenge. Administered through injection, this medication operates by emulating receptors responsible for controlling appetite and insulin production. Individuals experience a quicker sensation of fullness, effectively curbing the tendency to overeat. This impact persists throughout the day, diminishing overall cravings.

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