PRP/PRFM Treatments

Frustrated by thinning hair or bald spots? We can help!

The Selphyl™ PRFM system offers a natural and non-surgical option for hair restoration using your body’s own growth factors. The process involves isolating platelets from a small sample of your own blood and putting that platelet-rich plasma back into your scalp where it will release a variety of growth factors that stimulate hair follicles to grow again. Then watch as your hair grows fuller over the months following treatment.
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PRFM Hair Loss Pricing

  • Single $850
  • 3 Pack $2200
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Facial Rejuvenation with PRP/PRFM

PRP/PRFM, is also offered as a facial rejuvenation treatment to qualified patients. It can be injected under and around the eyes, into the marionette lines and nasolabial folds, similar to dermal filler. It can also be stamped/microneedled into the skin on the face. It improves collagen production, dark circles under the eyes, fine and deeper lines, tightens pores, smooths skin.


  • Single $1000
  • 2 Pack $1800

What is the science behind Selphyl™ PRFM?

Understanding Selphyl™ PRFM

Selphyl™ PRFM is the next-generation PRP. It is well known that platelets and other components in human blood migrate to a site of injury. Platelets are known to release a variety of growth factors that respond to tissue injury, where they initiate and promote healing. By concentrating platelets at the site of injury, physicians have the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity for healing. The Sephyl™ system’s exclusive technology offers prolonged and sustained growth factor release over 7 days following each treatment.
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What is the Selphyl™ PRFM treatment process?

Meet with one of our trained staff members to determine if Selphyl PRFM treatment is right for you. Our licensed staff will draw a small sample of your blood that then gets placed into a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the white and red blood cells. That platelet-rich plasma then gets administered back into your scalp where it will release a variety of growth factors that stimulate hair follicles to grow again.

How much does it cost?

The pricing is $800 per treatment, or $2200 for a pack of 3. With the pack of 3 you will also get a 90 day supply of Viviscal hair growth vitamins to help promote thicker, fuller looking hair

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