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Here at the IV Garden, we are excited to start administering Intralipid infusions. This treatment has been clinically shown to have encouraging success rates with moms who are experiencing pregnancy loss and IVF failure. Getting Intralipid IV therapy will enhance the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. In treatment, Intralipid has been employed to aid women experiencing recurrent IVF failure, repeated miscarriage, or unsuccessful embryo implantation. Typically, the uterine lining harbors immune cells specialized in tolerating the invading embryo. It is hypothesized that when these crucial “friendly cells” are absent or not functioning optimally, the mother’s immune system may reject the embryo, involving NK (natural killer) cells. This rejection process could potentially create challenges for the secure embryo implantation within the uterine lining. Call us to schedule a consultation with our Nurse practitioner to see if Intralipid infusions are right for you.

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Intralipid IV Infusions Pricing

  • 100mL $220

Why Are Intralipid Infusions Used In Fertility?

The recent research has shown that Intralipid enhances successful implantation and maintenance of pregnancies in patients with auto-immune disease, recurrent miscarriages or unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Intralipid has been used safely for over 30 years. The risks associated with an Intralipid infusion are low. Some patients may experience chills, malaise, headaches, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, shortness of breath, or an allergic-type reaction. Our skilled nurses will be there monitoring you the whole time.

Top Intralipid Infusion IVF In Massachusetts

Are you in the middle of struggling with infertility? The IV Garden, located in Lexington, MA, is here to help you grow the family you want. Our Intraplid infusions made for women struggling with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and people who are struggling to get pregnant naturally. While some wouldn’t propose that Intralipid be used as the new “standard of care” for every woman undergoing embryo transfer, it does seem as though there are multiple benefits to this treatment in the right population. Call us to schedule a consultation with our Nurse practitioner to see if Intralipid infusions are right for you.

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Discover the benefits of our extensive outpatient IV treatments tailored for IVF and pregnancy needs. Experience faster, superior, and more cost-effective solutions compared to hospital options. Relax in our private, cozy rooms designed for pregnancy-related therapies. Our services include Intralipid Therapy, NAD+ Therapy, IV Hydration, B12, Glutathione, and more. Count on our expertly trained team for precise IV placement in a compassionate and enjoyable environment!

Top Intralipid Infusion IVF In Massachusetts

Women exhibiting elevated levels of NK cells may find relief through Intralipid therapy, which effectively dampens uterine NK cell activity. Typically, this therapy commences approximately one to two weeks prior to IVF embryo transfer, with the possibility of subsequent infusions or continued treatments during the initial stages of pregnancy tailored to individual requirements. For inquiries regarding Intralipid therapy, feel free to reach out to The IV Garden located in Lexington, MA by calling us.

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Discover the Benefits of Intralipid Infusions

Women who experience repeated miscarriages or implantation failure after in vitro fertilization may benefit from Intralipid therapy. The team at The IV Garden increases the chance of a successful pregnancy by administering Intralipid therapy to women with immune problems that affect embryonic implantation.


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